Undergraduate Resources

Geology Majors receive 24-hr key card access to Discovery Hall, in addition to full access to the Undergrad Study Room on the second floor in room 216. The Undergrad Study contains free-use computers along with printer and scanner, study areas with couches, mailboxes, in addition to access to other advanced geology majors who are able to help you with all of your geology tutoring needs.

GeoClub Meeting
GeoClub and Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists meetings occur weekly throughout the term in the Undergrad Study, and consists of outreach, fundraising, rock hounding, and various other outdoor trips.

Undergraduate students have many opportunities to conduct introductory and advanced research projects with faculty. Undergraduate research is highly important for developing scientists and can greatly influence future education and career opportunities.

Rock Saw
GeoClubbers learn how to use a rocksaw from Dr. Mattinson

Many undergraduate geology courses take advantage of the low-precipitation weather around Ellensburg and leave on field trips to use hands-on geologic experience as a learning tool. The geologic sciences are based on observations and measurements, with first-hand experience being the only way to become a better scientist. We pride ourselves on our diverse classroom settings and try to engage students in relevant activities in and outside of the classroom that will better them as future geoscientists.

For those wanting to get their first experience in geology, check out our Geology 188 overnight field trip course.

Making Waves
Undergraduate students on a Geology 188 fieldtrip to Mt. Saint Helens trying to register on a seismic station.

Other Reasons to Join the CWU Geological Sciences Department